F L "Jerry" Girard
May 7, 1928 - January 12, 2020


F L "Jerry" Girard
May 7, 1928 - Jan 12, 2020

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F. L. (Jerry) Girard
I was born in Lewiston, Maine on May 7, 1928. I was an orphan living with 13 different families until I turned 18 and through a court order I was released on my own to the world. I served in the US ARMY for a period of 28 years as a paratrooper for the 101st Airborne Division, Ranger, and Infantryman. I proudly served in Korea and was a Vietnam Veteran and when I chose to retire from the military service on December 1, 1976. I was offered a position as a JROTC Instructor at Ben Lomond High School where I taught young people to be better citizens. During my first year of teaching, I attended Weber State University in the evenings and received an Associate Degree in Accounting. I finally decided to retire from teaching after 25 years on June 1, 2001.
I married my beautiful wife Rachele in Vicenza, Italy on November 1, 1953. We were married 63 years before her death on December 12, 2012. During that union, we were blessed with 3 daughters; Patrizia, Marina, and Jessica. As time went on Rachele and I were again blessed with 5 grandchildren by the names of Ryan, Jacob, Samantha, Nicole, and Austin. As the years went on we became great grandparents to Andria, Kelin, Kayden, and Jace. Our family grew and we were ecstatic.
I truly felt that I was a very loving man to my family although at times I kept my emotions and love well hidden, but everyone knew that I loved them greatly. I was a very strong-willed person who didn't want to be a burden to anyone. I treasured being a good husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather and tried to spend the last days of my life with undying love for all and I always kept some kind of sense of humor until the very end...

In lieu of flowers please make donations to the Wounded Warrior Program @

My desire was to have a private family viewing and service at Gillies Funeral Chapel, Brigham City, Utah, where military honors will be accorded by the Combined Veterans of Box Elder County followed by a cremation. Send condolences to


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Deacon Bob and Mrs. Bambrick on Jan 21, 2020

Pat, Marina, Jessica,
Sorry to read about your Dad's death. We are praying for the three of you.
Will have a Mass read for your Dad at St. Henry Catholic Church in BC.
God bless you,
Deacon Bob and Mrs. Bambrick

Chuck Mock on Jan 21, 2020

I am married to Jerry’s oldest daughter Pat. I knew Jerry for 15 years and he came across as a badass Army Ranger. There was another side of Jerry that a lot of people didn’t know. There was a kindhearted man who imparted of his means to help those in need and never “tooting his horn” about his actions. I think he cared about others because in his childhood he had nothing going from family to family so in his way he was going to help and did help various agencies. Jerry and I had our meals paid for us because we were veterans but Jerry also paid for meals of veterans anonymously also. The Jerry I knew was a kindhearted giving man who cared for others. Thanks for being a good example to others and passing those traits on to your daughters and in your own discrete ways passing them on to your students you influenced. We will miss you Jerry.

Ryan Regan on Jan 17, 2020

The world has lost a great man today my grandpa, my father, my hero, my best friend. He will be greatly missed and never forgotten. I will carry you in my heart till the end of time, thank you for everything you have done for me and making me the man I am today. I am proud to be your grandson and honored to be part of your life. I will always have your six!

Robert Valdez on Jan 17, 2020

My condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Jerry Girard...I was married to his daughter Marina and my beautiful children Austin and Samantha are his grandchildren. My kids had the best grandfather anyone could ask for. His daughters Pat, Jessica and Marina had the best father you can ever ask for. I admired Mr. Girard becuase of his love for his family and the love of this country. He served with such pride and love of country and taught many men and woman to respect and honor and love America. Thank you Mr. Girard for proudly serving the USA. I admired Mr. Girard for his steadfast beliefs in doing whats right and do it effectively and promptly and do it with honor. He had a good sense of humor as well and had his nicknames for people and mine was George and called me that for years. I see his streangth in all his daughters and humor in some but his belief in family all his daughters have those traits. He was a fair man even when he disagreed with you. I was lucky to see him last year before he went to heaven and he was such a gentleman and had that great smile. I always listen to him because of that gravely commanding voice...when Jerry spoke I believe eveyone listened. All these tributes I read are a credit to his amazing life and how many people he has influenced and loved. The fruit of his labores is amazing GOD I know is very proud of his son. He is with the LORD now and his beautiful wife. I bet GOD makes him a 5 star General because he deserves it. The world has lost a great man but to his daughters and his grandchildren and friends is not goodbye its see you later because you will see him in heaven. To his daughters look in the mirror I see him in all of you. GOD bless Mr. Girard Rest in Peace sir. From Robert Valdez

scott sheeran on Jan 16, 2020

There aren't enough words in the English language to describe the devotion and decency of this man. He was Army from the front of His skin to His backbone. He was also one of the best human beings I have ever met. There are THOUSANDS of people that owe Him a debt of gratitude, either because He saved their lives, or changed them. We, those that were honored enough to be associated with Him, will NEVER forget the lessons that He taught us. Myself? I considered Him like another Father. Honor, duty, country, give of yourself for the sake of others, THAT was the way He lived. This world, this country, and especially the people that hold him dear, are at a loss. We will NEVER forget this Hero that graced so many lives. There are many people that were honored enough that He called You "Friend". He is now with the Great Airborne Ranger in the Sky. He is also now with his dedicated wife. This man, out of the millions that exist on this planet, will be missed. I, personally, wish that I could attend His burial. He deserves my wings on His casket.
My condolences to His daughters, grandchildren, and All that were lucky enough to know Him. I will light a candle every 12th of January just for Him. In remembrance, and in guiding light. Thank You Jerry, for Everything. I will never forget....
SPC S Sheeran

Larry Regan on Jan 15, 2020

As meeting Jerry or SGT. Girard in the mid 70's there are too many memories to put on this tribute so as we can leave room for others. One of the happy thoughts I have is a time when we and the team had finished a bowling tournament with the Italians in Vicenza Italy. All of us got in Jerry's station wagon, went for a ride, ended up at the train station Jerry trying to drive through the pillars in the front of the station pretty much without a scratch. I know you would of had to been there. It was Increadabile. Thanks Again Jerry. He Was A Great Man

Pat Mock on Jan 15, 2020

Dad, if I were to tell you exactly what you meant to me in life, it would end up being a series of books! You have always been a hero to me. You have had such positive influences on your family’s lives and all of the hundreds of students you taught❤️ Missing you so very much and am so very grateful that I am your daughter now and forever more. Until we are together again as a family, I love you Daddy...❤️

Jessica Girard on Jan 15, 2020

Dad, ( SFC Girard) I'm going to miss you so very much! You have always been a good dad and husband! I'm grateful that he is now out of pain and us reunited with my mom!
I would like to say to everyone that paid a tribute to this amazing man, that he loved you all so very much and thank you for all your comments! "God Speed" dad! I'm so happy that you have no more pain and that you are now finally at peace! Love you and will miss you! All my love 😢🙏💔💓👼

Paul armendariz on Jan 15, 2020

Mr girard was my 10th grade R.O.T.C instructor at Ben Lomond High school 1979. He was strict but fair and I liked him. I probably learned more about the Vietnam war from him than anywhere else. Rest in peace sir.

Niki on Jan 15, 2020

I'm not sure where to even begin. This man whom I call my grumpy, is and was such an inspiration to anyone who knew him. Words cannot express how wonderful of a man he was. He has left such a legacy that compares to no one. I remember as a little girl I used to have to tell him, "Grumpy, red means stop and green means go." He was a funny man, very loving and cared very deeply about everyone!! As this is extremely sad, I cry tears of joy and comfort especially knowing that he can now be reunited with the love of his life, my Nonna. I miss them both dearly and I am so grateful I had the amazing grandparents that I did. I am truly blessed!! They taught me so much in life and taught me how to be a good person, mother and wife. I cannot wait to see them both again! This loss is a bittersweet one, while we, as humans, are selfish and want them around forever, he no longer has to suffer in pain. Grumpy was such a busy body, always working so hard and worked so hard for everything they had. He is exactly the type of man that everyone should aspire to be. I miss you, Grumpy and I love you so very much!! More than I can ever express. Thank you for all of the beautiful memories. Kelin loves you dearly and he looked up to you much more than grumpy realized! Love you Grumpy, always and forever. I will see you again!!!!! Rest in peace!
I also want to thank him for all of his dedication in serving our country and the young men and women in JROTC. You will ALWAYS be loved and remembered!! 💖💗💓😇🥰😘😘

Marina on Jan 15, 2020

My toughass, forever soldier daddy may be gone but a part of him lives on in all of us....which is evident in these wonderful tributes to him which have helped deal with his death much easier and brought tears of joy and an immense sense of pride!! Thank you all very much.....and those of you from BLHS, please know he always referred to you as "his kids"!! 💕💕💕 Marina Girard

Kara (tomney) cunningham on Jan 14, 2020

ssh Girard was one amazing man. I had him in ROTC at ben lomond high for 1 year. he was there to help me through alot. i was bullied and picked on alot and he helped me get through it. I was in his class when 9/11 happened and he was so upset about it. but he got his focus back on all us students cause we were all freaking out. thank you for everything you have done. you will be missed

Tammy West on Jan 14, 2020

God welcomed an amazing man when he received Mr. Jerry Girard in Heaven . I did not personally know him but I knew him through the Facebook postings of his daughter Pat. I loved the picture of him in his smoking jacket and mostly I loved his smile it was contagious.! My heartfelt prayers and prayers for the family that he left behind. Mr. Girard Rest In Peace and enjoy the reunion with your Beloved!

Bret Smith on Jan 14, 2020

The world lost a great man and a true hero on Sunday, I first meet SSG Girard my freshman year of high school JROTC, I truly enjoyed learning from him in my 4yrs of high school. From the class room and even the weekend field exercise with our JROTC Rangers he tought us lot. And becouse of him I went on to serve 20yrs in the Army he was allways in my thought and in my heart

Terri McCulloch on Jan 14, 2020

I worked with Sgt Girard at Ben Lomond and am sad to hear of his passing. He was an amazing man and he influenced so many young people to be better people. He was a major part of the success of the program there, and all student respected him. While you could hear him barking orders to his students, the sound of love and respect was in his voice. He truly cared and took the time to get to know his students and work with them to help them see the best in him. I watched him and his fellow JROTC teachers turn many students' lives around. What a loss! I am honored to have known him.

Carolien Jameson on Jan 14, 2020

My heartfelt condolences to the family. Mr. Girard was a man well loved by many. Knowing how much his family loved him, and the prayers that he received from so many of us "Vicenza Cougar" showed what kind of man he was. I did not know him personally, but knew him through Pat and facebook. Just to see that warm smile of his was so contagious and warm. You will be very missed sir. Rest In will not be forgotten. All my love...Carolien

Keith Witt on Jan 14, 2020

I’m just the Plumma.. but I was fortunate to have such a great customer. Jerry quickly became one of my favorites because of his personality, colorful language, and no bullshit attitude. He reminded me very much of my own Grandpa Orchard so I took to him right away. I never left his house feeling unappreciated and often w a gift as well.
I’m sorry for your loss Pat,Jess,&Marina

Tony Cook on Jan 14, 2020

I did 16 years in prison. Never could I forget thean who tried to mento me. He tried and successded with so many souls. Just not mine and I regret that. He cared and mentored many I'm now grown and very well read. Smart enough to know who a General was and is. He is. Rest in peace Sir Thankyou for caring and mentoring so many.

Martinez on Jan 14, 2020

Daniel Hammer on Jan 14, 2020

Sgt Girard was a very good man when i took jrotc we were told we had to take this and i feel he taught us alot and i want to thank him for his service

Kimberli Gemar on Jan 13, 2020

I will never forget Sgt. Gerard. He was my home class teacher while in high school. He taught me many things about serving in the military and community. He wanted me to throw rifles and join ROTC.l didn’t do either. He helped make the decision in which service to join. The day I came to the school in my Marine Corps Uniform I will never forget the pride he shared with me. God Bless You Sir...Kimberli Gemar BLHS 1984

Teri lucero on Jan 13, 2020

Mr.Girard was a very great man. I had him for 4 yrs in the JROTC at Ben Lomond Cm High School.. He was very hard in us but he had a very big heart. I graduated in 1986 he will be missed

Tonya Hendricks on Jan 13, 2020

I enjoyed being able to care for Jerry he was such a great guy. He wasn’t always excited to see me as he knew why I was there but would go and we had great talks. He truly loved you girls and was so happy when you were around him. Thinking he could always be independent so you wouldn’t need to take care of him I know he enjoyed being in your home Pat. Thank you for letting me take care of him I think of him often and know he’s so happy to be with your mom again. Hugs and prayers for your family at this time. RIP Jerry

Darlene Martinez, a student of Sarge Girard's on Jan 13, 2020

Sarge, was a wonderful teacher and a great man. He was an icon in our great school at Ben Lomond. I will always remember the field trip the J.R.O.T.C took to Ft. Collins in Colorado, with Sarge. Fun times, may you rest in paradise and fly high with the angels. Thank you for your service in the military and for your many years of teaching at Ben Lomond. You will always be remembered and honored. May God comfort your family and blesd thin at this difficult time. He lead a long and meanigful life. He will be missed and always be remembered.

Matthew Durham on Jan 13, 2020

My condolences to the Family of this great man. He taught me to strive for more in life. I will always remember the time spent in R.O.T.C class. Rest in peace Sargent Gerard.

Steven Archuleta on Jan 13, 2020

My deepest condolences to the family. Like most of who was fortunate enough To learn true leader ship skills from Sargent Girard Will never forget him. He drink his coffee Army strong and jet black and smoked his cigarettes without filters. He taught me first aid leader ship and help me memorize the chain of command. He was a true patriot and loved his country. When I first Learned of your passing I pulled over at the first American flag I saw snap to attention and gave a strong snapping salute in memory of you Sarge! Rest easy 🇺🇸 Steven Archuleta class of 1993

Trish Schlange Davenport on Jan 13, 2020

Sgt Girard was my JROTC instructor at Ben Lomond High Scholl school in 1980 and 81. He was such a wonderful man. And taught me so much about life. I'm thankful to have known and loved my time with him.

Patricia Perez on Jan 13, 2020

Thank you Sir. Welcome home.💞🇺🇸

Lisa Chesnoka on Jan 13, 2020

CandleYour Dad was a wonderful man. Prayers for your family.

Leeann bowman on Jan 13, 2020

He was my Rotc instructor in 1980 and 81. He was a wonderful man and taught me alot of things I have carried threw my life. Thank you leeann (Dunn) Bowman

AJ Robson on Jan 13, 2020

Sgt Girard is with the Angel's and his loved ones. He was amazing man, and teacher during my highschool yrs of 1983 to 1984. I respected Sgt Girard, and admired him so much. I was in the Rangers, Drill team, Color Guard, and Rifle team. He taught me so much. The most important thing he taught me , showed me that I am a leader. Never saw that in myself till I met Sgt Girard. He helped me and support me to be the best i can be, and never quit.. I was ranked up to Staff Seargent a very proud accomplishment...he was so proud of me. I remember his many cups of coffee and cigs. Going on 24 hr excercision up to powder mountain with our M-16 and 50 lbs back packs , and taught us how to survive in the snow, and make snow caves...he was a hero too me in so many ways. I last saw him at my graduation and gave him a big hug and thanked him for being the best teacher I ever had. AJ Company C 83-84...

Jerry A Morris on Jan 13, 2020

Jerry was my instructor for JROTC at Ben Lomond for my Junior and Senior years and was awesome teacher and mentor that influenced my decision to serve in the USNAVY. He had a profound effect on my outlook to life. Jerry arranged for me to be able to take 2 classes of JROTC my Senior year so that I would have 3 years credit and wrote me a letter of recommendation so I was able to enter the USNAVY as an E3 with a guaranteed "A" School. And with his instruction I was able to earn my Sharpshooters Medal.

Brett Lee Corbridge on Jan 13, 2020

I met Sergeant Jerry Girard In 1985, while attending Ben Lomond high school as a freshman. I joined the JROTC program in my sophomore year, and continued through until graduation in 1989. He was a very strong individual, and as a result of his friendship and leader ship I became a strong individual as well. I entered military service immediately after graduation in 1989, and entered several war zones. I have decorations and metals that I cannot remember as a result of a stroke in 2009. But, I remember Jerry Girard And everything he taught me. The things I learned as an officer in his Rangers I carried with me throughout my military service, and those teachings got me through many a fire fight. Jerry Girard was one hell of a sergeant, a stand-up guy, and I was honored to call him a friend. He strengthened the character of everyone that knew him. His attitude of “ Never say die!” was contagious. His sense of humor seemed a bit odd, until you got to know him. His opinions were as strong as his coffee, which you needed a boot knife to cut through, but his heart was caring, and he genuinely loved his students. He will be sorely missed. He was the finest example of a friend and soldier that I have ever known in my 20 years of military service, and in my life. He will hold a special place in my heart always. I am sure there are many that feel this way. All the way!“ “Death from above!” Because of Sergeant Jerry Girard I’ll add a personal motto of mine that he taught me : “Never Surrender!” Farewell Sergeant Girard. Heaven needed a hero, so the Lord brought you home. You will be sorely missed my friend. May the Lord‘s love surround you.

Stephanie (Searle) Weaver on Jan 13, 2020

SGT Girard as I knew him was my JROTC instructor from 1994-1998. I’m not sure that he knew the impact he would have on the rest of my life and my military career. I’ve served for almost 22 years in the US Navy and I can tell you that I still practice what he taught me over 20 years ago. He taught me to be the best version of myself, to have integrity and don’t forget about the humor. I would not be the human being I am today without his guidance and support. He will be missed but his legacy continues on through so many lives he has directly impacted.

Jeffery L Davis on Jan 13, 2020

I was blessed to have known Sgt Girard. I learned more about life from him than anyone else. I wish that I would have taken him up on his offer for room and board my senior year when my family moved to Arkansas. May God Bless him and his wonderful family. Class of 82

Nash Dinsdale on Jan 13, 2020

One of the most influential people in my life. I spent tons of time with this great man, great human being and instructor. A truly honest person that practiced what he preached. He guided me through my years during jrotc and a few times post high school years. I was at a crossroads in life, I had planned a military career but found myself torn between military and starting and focusing on my new family. He gave me some great advice and helped me make a decision that made sense to me. In my leadership role where I work now I still reflect on those days and ask myself what would Girard do? Class of 95

Scott and Michelle Simpson on Jan 13, 2020

RIP Sargent Girard. We remember you always working hard and educating young soldiers! Your presence was always known and remembered. May your family find comfort. Class of 89

Brandi Ballard (Smith) on Jan 13, 2020

I had the privilege of being in the JROTC at Ben Lomond High School my Junior year (1994). I loved being in that class and Mr. Girard taught me a lot and was always nice to me.

Tammie on Jan 13, 2020

CandleI loved anytime Jerry would come into the office. He was always joking and so funny! Anytime We ever saw Jerry he always left us with a smile and a better day! The world was a brighter place with him in it. May God Bless the family with comfort in knowing you will be together one day. God Bless...
Tammie Harding

Ryan feller on Jan 13, 2020

I went into JROTC at Ben Lomond in 1992 graduated in 1995 in part of the leadership and the belief that he had in his students. I was part of the Rangers the drill team and his regular classes and I cherish every minute talking to him and learning from him. He took us to Vegas and won first place and they would never invite us back. You took us to Colorado Springs and who won first place and they never invited us back. He taught me the value of hard work, determination and the value of believing in yourself. I went on to serve in the military and in a war zone and his influence who's with me everyday while in a war zone. He was a great man and he will surely be missed. He was definitely strong just like his coffee sometimes he had to cut it with scissors once he finished pouring his cup it was so thick.

Kelly Mower on Jan 13, 2020

Sgt. Girard was one of the most memorable teachers for me at Ben Lomond. My father was in the military and married an Italian lady himself while he was in the army in Italy. I also was born in Winslow, Maine. Once he knew this he always had a bit of extra time for me when I had a problem. He was an influence in my early years and will never be forgotten. My condolences to your family. God bless.

Jeana Fowler on Jan 13, 2020

I was so sad to hear about this. SGT Girard was one of my favorite people. He left such an impression on my life and I will miss him dearly. I have sent him Christmas cards since I graduated high school and will forever carry the lessons he taught me.

Alan on Jan 13, 2020

I had Sgt Girard while at BL and found him to one of the best persons in my world as a young man. Very positive influence in my life honored to be one of his former students.

Becky Buland on Jan 13, 2020

Pat, I am so sad for you and your family. I know how much you loved your father. I wish the comforting blessings of our Heavenly Father on you and your family...…….Love, Becky Buland



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