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Cremation Options

Cremation Options

A contemporary disposition and the service options of cremation.

Trusted and dignified

Cremation as a disposition can be just as personal as a burial and funeral service. Let us guide you through our trusted and dignified cremation options that can be personalized to truly celebrate a life lived.

Personalized Cremation

Personalizing a cremation with a celebration of life can be very therapeutic. A celebration gives you and your family something to concentrate on as you relive memories. We offer many ways to personalize a service. As with burial options, cremations can be personalized.

From serving your loved one’s favorite ice cream to releasing balloons, displaying memories through photo boards or even playing a tribute video, cremations should have the same focus in mind, celebrating the unique life lived. Learn more about the Celebrations of Life.

Cremation With Care

Some request direct cremation, eliminating “all the bother of funeral services” for family members. Funeral services and celebrations aren’t provided for the deceased; they’re there to help support and comfort the living. Direct disposal of cremated remains or scattering without a service or memorialization of any kind can cause emotional problems for survivors.

With no celebration and permanent resting place, problems arise from inadequate grieving. Take time to consider family and friends. In suffering a loss, the traditional rites of passage and memorialization can be beneficial in helping individuals pass through the stages of grief. When the practice of cremation is accomplished with human dignity and recognition, it will:

Understanding Cremation Options

Some family members are disturbed at the thought of death itself, much less cremation, which many perceive as a cold and uninvolved process. They may resist your wishes when the time comes. It’s best to address your wishes with your family now. You can put their unease to rest, and have peace of mind knowing your wishes will be carried out.

Crematories are operated by dedicated people with great respect for the deceased. Restrictions on cremation are different from state to state, even from one cemetery to the next. Depending on the final resting place you choose, requirements may include an urn, urn vault, and other items. Making your choices now can help your family down the road. In most cases, cremation satisfies federal clean air requirements.

Cremation Options

Cremation as a disposition can be, and should be, just as personal as a burial and funeral service. Let us guide you through our trusted and dignified cremation options that can be personalized to truly celebrate a life lived.

Understanding Cremation Options
Cremation is becoming a more popular choice for end of life disposition as it is generally more affordable and offers a greater degree of flexibility for the family. There are countless options for a dignified cremation that can be personalized to fit the needs of your family and the wishes of your loved one.
Personalized Cremation
Cremation offers a wide variety of ways to personalize your loved one’s end of life services. Many families find that planning a special event tailored to the person they’ve lost can be a very therapeutic way to relive memories and honor a life. We offer countless ways to help you personalize a service to best fit your budget and wishes. Whether you choose a traditional funeral service with a cremation or a more basic direct cremation followed by scattering ashes at a later date, we are happy to work with you to find the right options for your loved one.
Cremation with Care
While many people are driven to consider a direct cremation without any type of service an easy alternative to a traditional funeral, we encourage you to evaluate the longer term benefits of holding a service of some type. Funeral services and celebrations can provide a great deal of comfort and support for the friends and loved ones of the deceased by allowing people a chance to come together to grieve. It can be a very beneficial step in the healing process to hold a symbolic event where people have an opportunity to say goodbye and get a sense of closure around the loss.

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